August Goals

Having a home based business can be challenging in terms of establishing, and sticking to, work hours. Because I am at home all day, I mix my work day in with my household duties and leisure time, and I admit sometimes they don’t quite balance out correctly. This is the first time that I have been able to be a full time weaver, which I am absolutely loving by the way! But with my new found career, scheduling hours has proven to be quite difficult. My hours really depend on what kind of work day it is, and in all honesty, how my back is feeling (I know that sounds like a bad excuse, but being bent over my loom for hours on end really takes a toll, so I take frequent breaks and quit when my body says it’s time. If I want to weave for the rest of my life, I need to listen to my back!). So if for instance, I am starting a new scarf, I will spend the day dressing the loom. That process may not take me 8 hours, but it is tedious and takes a great deal of concentration, so I typically don’t start weaving a scarf on the day that I dress the loom. There are several steps and processes that I have to complete to run my business, which include just simply weaving all day, removing the scarf from the loom to finish it by tying the fringe and hand washing it, taking photos and preparing my work for listing in my Etsy shop, sketching and calculating for my next woven creation, etc.. So I have decided instead of setting hours for myself, I will set goals.

Along with my business goals, I also am going to set personal goals so that I can stay busy and get done what I have set out to do. I know that we are already a week into August, but I thought that if I posted my goals publicly I would be more likely to stick with them, so here goes.

Weaving & Weather Goals

Work 5 (relatively) full days during the week.

Finish and list 10 scarves by the end of August.

Start developing new product ideas for the shop (this may prove to be a long work in progress, but stay tuned).

Write 2 blog posts about the weaving process or finished products.

Personal Goals

Run/exercise 5 days a week.

Study German Language for 1 hour each day (In addition to class time – I start German II in a couple of weeks!).

Finish current book series (I’m on book 6 of 7 – I think – of the Outlander Series).

Try a new recipe at least once a week.


Well, that’s 8 goals to start off with. I will earnestly give my best effort to fulfilling my August goals and will check back in a month to see how I did! Feel free to join me by setting your own goals for the month!





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