First Visitors and New Day Trips (Part 2)

My parents are huge music buffs; my mom teaches private piano lessons, and my dad teaches music in the public school system of our hometown. And as they both have degrees in music, they are no strangers to Classical music. There are several big name Classical music composers who lived in Germany, and during my parents visit, they wanted to hit at least one hometown of a composer. The closest to us just so happened to be Beethoven’s hometown, Bonn. In Bonn, they have turned the home where Beethoven was born into a museum of his life and work. The museum provided a great glimpse into Beethoven’s life. Aside from the museum to honor Beethoven, there is also a monument that is very iconic, and several buildings in the city named for the great composer.


Outside the house where Beethoven was born



Beethoven Monument


 And this is Bonn Minster – The Catholic Church in the Old Town (I’m not sure about the story of the severed heads).

After our morning of Beethoven history, we headed to Cologne (or Köln) which was just about a 30 minutes drive from Bonn. In Cologne, we went to the Ludwig Museum, which displays modern art including one of the largest collection of Picasso’s paintings. Then we visited the amazing Cologne Cathedral. Photos cannot do this Gothic architectural wonder justice.




You could probably spend a weekend in each of these cities, but we packed it all into one day. So there are many things that we didn’t get to experience; however the things that we did see, were definitely worth it!


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