First Visitors and New Day Trips (Part 1)


Last week my parents came to visit! We had such a wonderful time taking day trips, seeing new things, trying new food, and just spending time together. I really enjoyed showing them some things that I had already seen, as well as experiencing some new things with them as well!

The first day we took it easy, as my parents were weary from the their travels, but on day two, we visited Heidelberg to view the Heidelberg Castle and the sights of the Altstadt, or Old Town. This was my first time to visit Heidelberg, and I thought it was a very nice city. Everything that we read about it said that it was too much of a tourist city to enjoy, but we actually quite liked it! There was a lot of neat things to see including some amazing views of the city.


Stairs up to Heidelberg Castle (there were 315 of them)


Heidelberg Castle from inside the courtyard


Heidelberg Castle


View of the Old Bridge


View of the city


View of Heidelberg Castle from the city


Bridge Gate


The River Neckar (a tributary of the Rhine River)

A couple of days we just stayed close to home and did some things in the local area like eat schnitzel at our favorite restaurant, spend one morning at a Farmers Market, plant flowers at our house, visit another castle – Berg Nanstein, and try an authentic Apfelstrudel at a little cafe! We took a few other day trips as well – to Trier (you can read about our first time in Trier here), Mainz, and Bonn and Cologne (two cities in one day) – which I will share photos of in Part 2!


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