Day Trip: Luxembourg and Metz

I am about a week late in posting our latest day trip adventures, but better late than never right? Last Saturday, we took a day trip to Luxembourg City and finished the day off beautifully with a lovely evening in Metz, France. This was our first venture outside of Germany and it made for a fun day of seeing some amazing sights.

Luxembourg City has a very interesting historical military significance and it was heavily fortified, but only about 10% of that fortification still stands today.




Bock Promontory – Linked to the city by the Castle Bridge, part of the first strongholds of the city


Quirin Chapel – situated in the fortification wall


Gelle Fra War Memorial – to commemorate those of Luxembourg who died in World War I


Cathedral of Notre Dame

Metz, France, located on the Moselle River is very close to Luxembourg, so we stopped over there on the way back to Germany and took a walk around the city to get our first glimpse of some amazing architecture in France.


Saint-Stephen Cathedral


Saint-Stephen Cathedral


Temple Neuf Metz – Protestant Church


Standing along the French Moselle River, in front of a French protestant church, holding a French Baguette (Mme Q, I feel like I should get major euros for this one!)


It was a beautiful evening for our first visit to France.


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