Day Trip: Trier

Over the weekend we were able to take a couple of day trips to neighboring cities. We have been extremely fortunate to have a family connection here in Germany with a cousin of my husband’s. He has been living here for over 10 years, thus he knows the surround areas very well and has been nice enough to help us get out and about to enjoy some sights of Germany. And I have to say, we have already seen some fantastic sights and have been able to get a glimpse into life in Europe.

On Easter Sunday, after we attended church in the morning, we took a day trip to Trier, Germany.  Trier is the oldest city in Germany that in fact was historically a Roman city. There are still several well preserved ruins and building left from the Romans, which was amazing to see. After spending the day in Trier, we drove along the Mosel River, which ended our day with some beautiful views.


Porta Nigra – City Gate, still standing from when Trier was a walled city


My Groom and I in front of the Porta Nigra


Trier Cathedral


Kurfurstliches Palais (unfortunately under construction) with the Basilica of Constantine in the back 


Roman Bath Ruins


Roman Bath Ruins


Trier Amphitheater


View of the Mosel River


 View of the Mosel River

We had an incredible day exploring and encountering some of the rich history and sights of Germany. I hope that this wonderful day trip was only a small window into what we will be able to experience while we are living here.


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