Still Sinking In…

This past month has been the longest and shortest of my life. Taking care of things that need constant attention, fretting about this and that, waiting on the military, saying goodbyes, and stepping on a plane in one country to get off in another that we will now call home. April 12th has come and gone, which means, y’all, we have moved to Germany.

The past month has been filled to the top with all kinds of nonsense, and canceled appointments, and different hang ups, and I was beginning to wonder if we were actually going to get over here or not! But the Lord works in fantastically mysterious ways and has taken wonderful care of us. I don’t know know why I ever doubted that He would. If its true that, “if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans,” then my life in 2014 has been God’s favorite sitcom. That being said, God had a much better idea of what we needed to do than we did, and it’s just been neat to see how He has been working on us lately to remind us to put our full trust in Him.

So now that we are here, it kind of still doesn’t feel like we are here! There is a lot to be done, but we can only take things a day at a time. Soon we will start house hunting, which I am extremely excited about! I just know there is a cute little German house for rent with our name on it and God’s blessing over it, and I can’t wait to see it!

Almost more than anything, I am anxious to get our scared little kitty settled. It’s kind of ridiculous how pets grab ahold of your heart and don’t let go… But that is the reason why we dragged her across the world crying and scratching; she makes up 1/3 of our family and we could not dream of leaving her behind. However, she is probably pretty mad at us, and will continue to be until we can get her of the boarding facility (we are not allowed to have pets in our temporary lodging) and into a home, where we can hide her carrier so that she will forget the trauma we have put her through and start tolerating us again!

It’s been a weird couple of days, feeling helpless and like a huge inconvenience to all those who have had pick us up to take us anywhere, but we are excited to be here and ready for this new adventure! Hopefully once we get a little more settled, and get something to drive, we will be able to do some sight seeing and I can give you all something more interesting to look at than my hot mess of jumbled words. But for now, that’s all I got!



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