Shop Update


Well folks, our time in Ohio is quickly coming to a close and we are working on getting all of our ducks in a row to make our big move Germany. So as mentioned previously, the Weaving & Weather Etsy Shop will be put into “vacation mode” while we are making our transition, causing the items in The Shop to be unavailable. I cannot say for sure just how long the shop will unavailable, but I will try to give timely updates on the situation once we get settled. Unfortunately, I do know that it may take several months due to the time it will take to ship our belongings to Germany and the legality of setting up a home-based business in another country.

This announcement is to inform you that the Weaving & Weather Etsy Shop will be unavailable as of this coming Saturday, March 15th.

Thank you all for your support for my business, I am sad that it has to be put on hold, but we will get things back on track once we are able to settle into our new home. So if there is a scarf that you are eager to own before The Shop goes on Hiatus, please make those purchases this week before Saturday March 15th! Thanks again, everyone!


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