Business Hang-Ups


I’m sure that everyone knows (especially those who have been there) that starting a business is not an easy task. Since I first decided my major career goal was to start my own business selling handwoven goods, I have learned just that. While I wouldn’t say that I have completely failed in opening shop, as I have done several custom orders within the last year, I have passed my goal for opening my official Etsy shop several times. I had planned to open in May earlier this year. When I realized that wasn’t happening, my goal shifted to the end of the Summer. Summer ended, Fall began, and my goal changed yet again to be opened in October.

Well, it is now the middle of November and I am still facing last minute hang-ups. I think I just want everything to be perfect before I finally click that button to make my shop live. I have, however, set aside some of my previous ambitions, so I can just get things rolling a little quicker.

My goal now, is to open the shop with a little time left for some last minute Christmas orders to come through. Not that I’m even sure I would sell any scarves before Christmas as there are some 800,000 Etsy shops and I’m sure that initially mine will be lost in the masses, but that’s all part of the gamble of opening a business. I know that my shop will not be an instant success, but I hope that some day it will.

I have faith that I can get my Etsy shop open soon, but if not, I just have to keep reminding myself that there is a reason why I am being held up.


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