Last week I turned 24, and the days surrounding my birthday were everything but uneventful. We had the pleasure of hosting my sister-in-law and her boyfriend last week as they came to visit. They asked us several months ago if they could stay with us on the particular weekend as they had signed up to run the Air Force Half Marathon. This little discussion led to my husband deciding he wanted to run the half marathon and wanted me to join him. It took some convincing but I did give in and in all honesty, I’m glad that I did. I am extremely proud of us for accomplishing such a feat. I will share more about the half marathon soon.

photo 1-4

The day following the half marathon, we had the opportunity to attend a Green Bay Packers game, which was a life long dream of my husband’s, as he is a huge Packers fan. This was our first NFL game and first Packers game, and it was so much fun. Unfortunately the Packers did not win that day, but it was a good game nonetheless.

photo 2-4

So those were the events that took place on the week of my Birthday, but that is not all the celebrating we did. I knew that C was going to take me out for a nice dinner this past Friday night, but I didn’t know what a few of my friends had planned for me. A friend called me and told me she wanted to take me out for my birthday on Thursday, which was so sweet of her and I was really excited! But she wouldn’t tell me where we were going. I met her at her house so we could set out on our adventure. While we were in her vehicle headed toward our destination, two of my other sweet friends, who had been hiding in the back, jumped out from under a blanket to completely shock and surprise me! Once we were all able to catch our breath again from laughing so hard, we headed back to the house where they had set up a fondue party for me! It was fantastic and a complete surprise! We had such a fun night chatting and fonduing.

photo 1-3

Now we get to Friday, where my husband took me out to a fancy dinner at a place here called The Oakwood Club. It was a lovely little restaurant where we had a wonderful dinner and a delicious peanut butter pie for dessert! I had such a fantastic birthday week (or birthday 2 weeks, really) and I feel so incredibly loved and blessed by all my family and friends.

photo 2-3


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