My Three Day Tropical Vacation

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I took a quick trip to Hawaii. He was given the opportunity to go for research for his master’s thesis and I tagged along. In total, minus travel days, we had about 3 days to enjoy the sights and sound of Oahu.

As some of you may know, we took our honeymoon in Hawaii last year. While it was indeed a very lovely honeymoon, we had several mishaps along the way, starting with me misplacing my drivers license the night before our flight. Then our plane to Hawaii needed a part fixed, which delayed our flight for a good 18 hours, casing us to unexpectedly spend the night in the Denver airport. And once we finally got there, after a few restful days I caught some kind of 24 hour stomach bug, resulting in being motion sensitive for the rest of the trip and ultimately causing us to miss several of the things we had planned to do.

So like I said, lovely trip, but I would say it merited a redo! And since the opportunity presented itself, we took it. We were able to see some things that we didn’t get to last year and had the chance to experience a couple of new sights as well.

Just about the time that our bodies were starting to adjust to the time change, we had to leave. While it was extremely tiring, it was fun to get away for a few days!

To sum up our little mini vacation, I instagramed some photos.


Delicious torta I had at Frontera in the Chicago Airport.


Ship at Pearl Harbor.


Sunset Beach.


Last day in sunny Hawaii.




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