Friday Night Dinner

This weekend has been one of firsts.

As some of you know I have reluctantly registered to run a half marathon next month. Well, this morning, my husband and I ran 6 miles! I think prior to this training the most I had run at one time was around 2 miles. And this morning, I tripled that. It was not fun, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Now we are not fast runners by any means. It took an hour to run those 6 miles, so at that pace our half marathon will take just over 2 hours to complete. I honestly cannot fathom running for 2 straight hours at this point, but our hour this morning did not particularly feel that long. However my legs were feeling it, that’s for sure.

Compared to my running milestone, my other new adventure this weekend was not that significant, but still noteworthy. I made ribs. I probably would have attempted to cook ribs at some point, but the motivation for this round came from a generous gift of barbecue sauce from my brother-in-law and sister.

Like in every state, I’m sure, there are some things that you can only get in Oklahoma, and one of those things is a specific kind of barbecue sauce called Head Country. I mean, you may be able to get it in other states but I’m sure you couldn’t find it in Ohio. So when my sister and brother-in-law came to visit us last September, we asked if they could bring us some Head Country barbecue sauce as it is my husband’s favorite. Well… they certainly delivered. Delivered 2 gallons to be exact!

I feel like we eat a healthy amount BBQ here at weaving and weather, but it has been almost a year and we have not finished 1 gallon yet. We are getting close, but not quite there. So we have given ourselves kind of a challenge to finish it all before we move. Thus, I decided to cook some ribs because I thought that could use up a bit of the sauce. Unfortunately it wasn’t as much as I thought it would be. I think that we can definitely finish the first gallon by next month, though!


I referred to a recipe to make my spice rub, but ended up cutting it down and adjusting the measurements for just one rack of back ribs. And I took out and added a spice or two. My spice rub inspiration and cooking time and method came from here. I thought they turned out good, but definitely not as good as restaurant quality, and probably nothing compared to the ribs at my aunt’s new BBQ restaurant that just opened this week in Oklahoma City called Back Door Barbecue. (If you live in the area go check it out, so I can live – or eat – vicariously through you as I’m dying to try it!)

To go with our ribs, I made a lighter potato salad that I had been wanting to try for a while. It is a Paula Deen recipe – I know, a lightened up recipe by Paula Deen… crazy, right – but I actually got it from Skinny Taste, where it was lighten up even more. I love the traditional rich, creamy, southern, mustardy potato salad, but for a healthier option, I definitely thought this recipe was a good substitute. For the recipe for Baby Red Potato Salad you can go here.

photo 2-2

Happy Weekend Y’all!


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