When I wasn’t working, weaving, or watching Downton Abbey (2 seasons in 2 weeks, unashamedly) this month, I decided to dabble in amateur cake decorating. (And after this post you all will probably be thinking that I need an amateur photography class  under my belt as well! Sorry for the poor iPhone photos…) I had seen that our local Michael’s store offered some Wilton cake decorating courses and they were running a summer special, making the courses half price. I have always wanted to learn the basics of decorating cakes and so I thought I would give it a try. 

The first week, our Wilton certified instructor gave us a cake icing demo and taught some basic decorations that we practiced on sugar cookies. I don’t have any photos of my cookies, but they weren’t anything to write home about. 

Week two, we were instructed to bring our homemade cake and icing to class ready to decorate. We just learned a basic border and decorated the center with stars. The design of the butterfly was made using a cookie cutter as a template – smart idea right, I never would have though about that. But you just press it down into your icing and that makes your outline. You can also free hand it, and I probably should have… but I cheated just this once. 


Week three, we decorated cupcakes and learned some peculiar looking flowers that my classmates and I agreed were a bit ugly! Aside from the “shaggy mum” and strange blue star flower thing that I’ve never encountered in nature, the rest of the cupcakes I just kind of made up from other little decorating techniques we learned that day. 


Week four – our final class – we learned writing and how to make roses. Neither were easy, nor did the turn out perfectly, but I was happy to learn and pretty proud of how my cake turned out! It is a little “busy” for my taste; I probably would not put that many things on a cake normally but it was fun to go all out. My writing turned out a little crooked, but I guess that’s what I get for being left handed… and I’m not going to say anything about my roses except that my grandma told me, “no two roses are alike!”


I enjoyed the course and the little decorating tricks that I learned. Hopefully I can put them into practice at some point. But for now it was just kind of nice to learn a new skill and have a little cake at the end of the day. And my other half didn’t mind the month’s worth of dessert either. Although, it may not have been a good idea to eat cake/cupcakes everyday while we are training for a half marathon. I don’t really think that is in the training plan… But at the same time, at least we were running to work off the extra calories!



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