summer time.

June has come and gone and I have no publicized words to show for it. It has been a busy summer already, which has included very little weaving and a plethora of weather. My dear sweet husband and I took a wonderful trip a few weeks ago around Lake Erie. We started off in Cleveland then headed up to Niagara Falls, spent a couple of days in Toronto, and ended with a morning in Detroit before returning home. We have kind of decided that wherever we are living (while we are moving around with the military) we want to visit places that are in the area. Being unsure that we will ever be this close to Canada again, we thought we should take the opportunity to visit while it was in driving distance. And I am definitely glad that we did!

IMG_8702Niagara Falls.

IMG_8851View of the Toronto skyline from Toronto Island.

Once we returned, we had a week to recuperate from our short but busy vacation before my weather loving husband had to return to grad school and I embarked on another trip, to Texas this time, to meet my new sweet baby niece and spend some much needed time with my family. And now it’s July!

In the midst of our remaining summer plans, we are training for the Air Force Half Marathon in September. Which was not my idea of summer fun as I have a deep dislike for running and I am terrible at it! But I did agree to it and I am standing behind my word… with pains of regret ever present in my mind. We started our official training this past week, but we had to build up to where the training started so we have been running for a month or so already to get comfortable with 3 miles – where the training started. Today we got up to my person high of 4.5 miles! While I am a little bit excited that I was able to accomplish that now, I was pretty furious about 6 hours ago when that 4.5 mile run coincided with some pretty good rainfall… needless to say, while I am not a fan of running period, running in the rain only escalated my dislike for the sport. At this point, I am very anxious for the half marathon, because I’m not sure how I am going to make it through 13.1 miles as a non-runner. But I have a pretty good coach, and hopefully once it’s all over, I can thank him for pushing me to attempt a half marathon.

As for your daily dose of weaving, I have my loom dressed and ready for a new scarf and I’m excited to get to work. I hope you have all had lovely and restful July 4th weekend. Maybe now that June is over I can get back to regularly updating my readers on the life and work that is weaving and weather.


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