I couldn’t decide whether I should add a new post to this blog this week or not. I have a simple recipe I made last weekend that I had wanted to share and also a reflection on this week last year, as the one-year anniversary of my marriage is this weekend. But I just haven’t felt right about posting either of those things without addressing the current state of devastation that Oklahoma is in.

If you have been following along, you know that up until almost a year ago, I had spent my entire life living in Oklahoma. And it just breaks my heart to see how many people are hurting right now from the mile-wide tornado that leveled neighborhoods, demolished schools and hospitals, and took several lives. I thank God, that all of those who are near and dear to my heart were out of harms way when the storm hit, but that is obviously not the case for everyone.

I know that others, who are better writers than I, have found more appropriate words to categorize this tragedy and time of need for the great state of Oklahoma, yet I simply wanted to pay my respects. It is extremely hopeful to see the help and support that Oklahoma is getting, statewide and nationally, and how everyone has come together in the midst of tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are with my fellow Oklahomans.



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