This week has been all around pretty odd. Now just as a disclaimer… I unfortunately do not have any new weavings, crafts, or recipes to share with you today. I just know it’s been a good month since I have updated my few weaving and weather followers, and thought I should take some time let you all know what we have been up to this past week.

C and I have both had interesting schedules this week. The younger of the two boys that I babysit was battling a virus this week that was accompanied with high spiking fevers. His mom took him for several visits to the doctor, thus she was in and out of the house while I was working this week. On Wednesday, I picked up a cold and it seemed that the parents managed to come down with it as well! So we all kind of passed it around to each other, I guess! And we all took took our turns taking off a little time from work as well… hopefully this weekend everyone can get some much needed rest and get things back to normal next week!

This week for C has meant the start of midterms. This quarter of classes has already been really heavy on him, with the class work piled high and the beginnings of a master’s thesis sitting on top of all of that. Then to add midterms into the mix caused him to stay at school very late into the evening most days this week, one night bringing him home after 11:00 pm. Suffice it to say, I only saw him for a few minutes that day… and that’s what it felt like all week. I feel bad that they have so much stress dumped on their shoulders.

I know that this could all be worse and one day it might be, but I just think that this is the busiest we both have been in our married life, which as of this week is 11 months long! I know it’s cliche and that I have said it before and will probably say it again, but I cannot believe how quickly this year has passed us by. I feel like we just got married and moved here.

Other than the head colds and homework, things have been going pretty well around here. Spring has started to appear and we are having more consistently warm days. I sent out a scarf this week that I finished probably about a month ago (photos to follow shortly). I have not woven anything since then, which makes me a little sad to see my little loom so bare for so long. But hopefully here pretty soon I will have some time to get back to work. That phantom Etsy shop that you all keep hearing about will maybe open one of these days! Just probably not this summer as originally planned. I have a great deal of work to do before I can reach my goal on number of starting scarves, plus I don’t have the essentials that go along with owning a business, such as a logo. All in due time though. I have not given up hope because weaving full time is my ultimate career goal in life, and I know that a business cannot be established overnight.

Well, I know that I said I didn’t have any crafts, but I will leave you with a happy image of something the older boy I babysit and I made together a couple of weeks ago. They are cows constructed out of paper plates, and I thought they were adorable! It was one of our more successful crafts in the past couple of attempts, although it only kept his attention for about 15 minutes! But we both enjoyed making them!



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