Bed Skirt Alternative

Something you should know about us here at weaving and weather is we are pretty frugal. In our opinion, there is no reason to not be frugal. Like why buy name brand foods when the off brands taste just the same and are $1 less. Or why buy something that you can make yourself! So in lieu of my confession for today, I wanted to share a project that I had been wanting to do for a while and finally got to. (I did this 2 weeks ago yet I am just now posting it as it’s been a busy past couple of weeks.)

When we were packing up everything in Oklahoma to move here, we bought some white plastic zip up cover bags for our mattress and box spring so they would stay nice and clean throughout the moving process. After our things arrived at our new apartment and we were getting unpacked and settled in, we just left the cover on the box spring of our bed being that it was white, didn’t look terrible, was mostly covered up by our comforter and no one would really see it but us, and we didn’t want to spend the extra money for a bed skirt on top of the expense of getting a comforter. And I hadn’t really worried about it too much until we got one of these…


And she did this…


Our sweet little Gabby tore open the bottom of the cover and enjoyed crawling up in there and running around and tearing it up even more. We tried at some point, to trim some of the excess off and tape it up but it was a failed effort. I thought about just getting a queen sized fitted sheet to put on the box spring to make it look better, but then I saw a tutorial on Pinterest of wrapping fabric around your box spring as an alternative to a bed skirt. I really liked the look of it and knew that I could find a cheap, durable fabric and make it look just as good, if not better than simply covering the box spring with a fitted sheet.

It did take some time and effort, but I am pleased with the outcome. Here is where I derived the idea from. I didn’t follow the directions exactly or do nearly as much work as she did! So if you are considering this as a bed skirt alternative I suggest you look at the full instructions.

I first measured the length, width, and height of our box spring and added the lengths and widths together to get the total inches all the way around. It came out being 276 inches long by 7 1/2 inches wide. I added 4 1/2 inches to the width of the fabric to give me extra at the top and bottom to wrap around and staple it to the box spring, making it an even 12 inches.

For my fabric, I bought 3 yards of a natural canvas fabric. Like what you would make a canvas tote bag or something of the like. It was on sale and I thought it would be more durable and stand up a little better to wear and tear than just your everyday regular cotton fabric. I also thought the neutral color of the natural canvas would still work great if we ever decided to change our bedding.

Before I started cutting and sewing, I washed, dried, and ironed the canvas. I figured up that I could get 3, 12-inch strips out of the width of the fabric and then I just sewed those together to make one long strip of fabric. Next comes the really time consuming part. I zig-zag stitched around the whole strip so it wouldn’t fray or unravel. The original plans called to do that and I almost didn’t, but my husband advised me that I probably should. ( I’m just lazy and wanted to take the easy way out… but I’m glad that I didn’t because I think that it will hold up better in the long run.)


After all the sewing was done, my husband helped me disassemble our bed and staple the fabric around the box spring. We flipped the box spring over and stapled the fabric the the bottom first, then flipped the box spring back the right way and stretched the fabric over the top side to staple again, the same way we did the bottom.


The corners are not the prettiest, and I’m sure that the original plans had a neat way to staple the corners, but I wasn’t too concerned about it since it will be covered up but the mattress and bedding.


Gabby was a big help. And if you’ll note the ugly corners… like I said, I didn’t follow the directions 100%, but my main motive was to cover the box spring and make it look better than the torn plastic cover we had on it before! Overall, I think I achieved what I was going for.

We went from this…


to this…


I don’t recall the price of a plain fitted sheet, but I know that this fabric cover solution is much cheaper than a bed skirt. I think it gives our bed and bedroom a nice clean look. We completed the project all in one day (maybe 2-3 hours, I can’t quite remember) and it was relatively basic the way we approached it. Like I mentioned before though, we could have put much more effort into the project had we wanted to, but I am very pleased with the end result.

After two weeks, our kitty has not bothered it so hopefully that will continue to be the case!



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