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I know it’s been a while since I have posted a new scarf, but I promise I have been working. I just didn’t want to share everything new that I am making so there can be a small element of surprise to what I have been up to when I finally get to open my Etsy shop. I don’t know if I mentioned this here, but I had planned on my shop being “open” by this summer; however, now that I am about to start a new job, that projected date may be pushed back a few months. I will keep working toward my goal of opening in the summer, but if it doesn’t happen, I won’t be disappointed and I hope you won’t be either. I will definitely keep all of my followers up to date on when I will be open for business on Etsy.

For now, I am still taking some custom orders here and there, and also selling what I have made up for my shop – so if you are interested just let me know!

I have recently just shipped out a new scarf. This scarf was a present to my aunt from my dad. My aunt’s birthday is coming up soon, and she and my uncle are moving out of the country for a year at the end of this month. I hope that the scarf means a lot to her, and that she will cherish while she is away from her family and home for a year.

The scarf is mostly ivory with random stripes of red, orange, and tan.







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