It’s amazing how many time something can be drilled into your head, yet you still forget or just plain don’t do it. Such is the case for me with sketching. My Junior High Art Teacher, my High School Art Teacher, and all of my College Art Professors consistently and continually reinforced the importance of sketching. Whether it’s for just putting down thoughts and ideas, to form the beginning stages of a new project, coming up with new techniques, or a number of other reasons, sketching is so important! I have listened to all of my teachers tell me to sketch, sketch, sketch, for the a good 10 years, yet I still forget about it’s importance, that is until I get back into it.

As you may have read, I have been struggling with come up with color combinations and patterns for my newest scarves. So I started consulting my husband on my design and he is actually incredibly helpful! He gives me a perspective that is completely opposite mine so we kind of bounce ideas off of each other. (And I mean he is half of the Weaving and Weather cooperation so he likes to be involved and I appreciate his interest.) The other day I started describing my thoughts for my next project to him, and he so wisely said to me, “Why don’t you get out some colored pencils and lay out the colors in different ways to see what works the best?” I felt so stupid! And not the kind of stupid that I feel when my husband asked me math questions (I don’t know why he even tries to elicit that type of information from me), but like the kind of stupid where I am mad at myself for not thinking about that before! I mean I have sketched out colors like that for scarves before; however, that thought had evaded me up until this point.

In the past I have spent countless hours sketching up prototypes for projects, in all stages of development, and I don’t know how that fact had escaped my thought process. So, as he often is, my husband was right, and I just needed to sketch. I got out my colored pencils and went to work, and came up with a plan! It was such a silly revelation that I shouldn’t have had to have. But it got me thinking back to how my professors and teachers tried to ingrain the idea of sketching into me and my classmates. I mean one college professor even gave us a week long assignment where for every waking hour during that day, we had to stop and sketch something every hour (or half hour, I can’t quite remember). Which you think something like that would make sketching become second nature, but apparently and oh so unfortunately, sometimes I just don’t think about it. I felt silly that my husband had to remind me of what I have been taught in every art class I have ever taken.

Working with a medium where I don’t draw or paint, I tend to forget about sketching. But I love sketching! Every time I get back into it I remember how much I enjoy it. So this is a thank you to my husband, who has helped remind me of that which I should not have needed to be reminded. And a lesson to everyone, that when so many people for so many years tell you the same thing over and over again, take their advice, because you will need it.


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