Speed Bumps

Now that I have begun to make scarves that are not for specific customers I have started running into some creative blocks. I love every part of weaving, maybe minus the intermittent back and neck pain, but I really love picking out the colors and patterns and getting to work. However, recently I have discovered that it is much more difficult to make a scarf without a particular customer in mind. For instance, if I were making one for my mom and didn’t consult her about the different options, I would know exactly what colors and patterns to use, and I would know to make it a little shorter because she’s a petite little lady and doesn’t like long scarves. That approach also worked for many of my other customers that did not specify on the specifics because they were family and friends that I know well. In other cases, maybe I didn’t know exactly what the customer wanted but they gave me a color pallet or a suggestion of something they (or the recipient of the scarf) would prefer or not prefer in a scarf and I make it accordingly.

Since I don’t have a particular customer in mind while trying to begin a new project, I am having some difficulty with color combinations. There are so many unknowns: I don’t know who will buy a scarf, I don’t know what colors and patterns will catch a customer’s eye, I don’t know what demographic I’m gearing my work towards. I mean, hopefully, one day, way into the future, handmade, organic loving enthusiasts of all ages, male and female, will be struck when searching the web, as they come across one of my scarves and feel like they can’t live without what I have to offer. But I have to get them to notice first! Which I know starts small and that is why I can’t fully express my appreciation for all of my family and friends who have supported me thus far. And now I’ve gotten off topic a little bit. But I think the point I am trying to reveal to myself is that, I’m attempting to be an entrepreneur, and it’s difficult. There are tons of unknowns, and the prospect of not even succeeding. And for the past 2 scarves that I have made, I have sat and looked at my spools of bamboo yarn for hours trying to figure out what colors to use together, and then second guessing myself after I have finally decided. It’s a process, and I know that I will get it down soon, but I just didn’t think I would have this much of a struggle making something for someone that I don’t know.

This post was more for my benefit than anything; I just needed to express my revelation to myself.

Thank you for listening if you made it this far! I should get back to work, those colors are going to pick themselves out!

but oh, how I wish they would.


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