How We Spent Our First Christmas

Well, my husband and I enjoyed a nice long trip back to Oklahoma to spend some needed time with our families. Before heading out of the state though, we had “our Christmas” at home in from of our fake fire place. We had spent the day packing and getting ready for our trip and took a break to attend a lovely hot chocolate party hosted by a wonderful couple that we are friends with, which made a great addition to our Christmas celebration. After we got home, we turned on our fake fire place and and opened our presents from each other while our kitty jumped around on the crinkly paper that we were ripping off boxes! We had a pretty small Christmas, which was planned because that it what we prefer.

So the next morning we took our Kitty to the vet to board her and we headed for Oklahoma country. We spent the first couple of days on our trip with my sister and brother-in-law, then headed for our hometown after that.

I believe in total, between both of our families, we attended 7 Christmas celebratory meal/gift exchanges, not including our own before we left Ohio! And they were all wonderfully enjoyable; we are very blessed. My family did some new things this year, as did my husband’s family and so I was glad we were there to experience all of it! Of course, not everything can go as planned all the time and we had some misfortunes along the way, but all in all, the time spent at home enjoying the festivities, was lovely.

I got a cold on the last day at home, and brought it back to Ohio with me, which did not make for an exciting New Years Eve… but that’s okay. I have spent the week trying to recuperate before I start on any new weavings, and I am feeling much better today! I just hope that I haven’t given my cold to C, especially since his Winter Quarter at school just started on Wednesday.

So we are getting back into the routine of things. It took Gabby a good half a day to reacquaint herself with home, but she is back to normal. She usually sleeps at the top of my pillow around my head at night, but since I have had a cold I have been propping up my pillows at night so that I can breath a little better. So since I have taken up the majority of space on my pillow, she had taken to sleeping just right on my face. Which I’m not sure if I can handle when I start going to sleep unmedicated! I digress…

I will soon start working on some new scarves; I have a couple of orders to fill, then after that I will just be making them in order to start up a shop on Etsy (which you all will be updated on when it opens). In the meantime I am filling out some job applications, and C is going to school and doing homework. It was nice to be home and have a break from our adult lives to be taken care of by our parents again, but it is good to be back at home, returning to our little routine.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas, and a wonderful start to the New Year. Cheers.


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