November 30th

Well, today will wrap up my month or 30 days of thankfulness and to end this series, I just have to say that I am thankful for my life. Many of the people and things that I have listed in the following month have helped me to become the person who I am today. I don’t always love who I am or what I do and I make mistakes just like everyone else, yet I am proud of where I came from and the people who got me here. I just have the very best husband, family, and friends that I could ever ask for and that is only by the grace of God. My life might not be the most exciting, but it’s stable. Although I do it quite often… I don’t have any reason to complain about any aspect of my life. This has been a big year for me; I graduated college, got married, moved to a state I had never been to before, began the preparations to start my own business, and many more things. Thus far, none of those things have failed miserably! And for that I am extremely grateful! God has just really blessed me in a big way, and I am thankful for the life that I am living.

I have enjoyed taking part in the 30 days of thankfulness as it has taught me that even when I have a bad day, I still have an infinite amount of things to be thankful for. I hope that you will join me  daily in continuing to find a reason to be thankful.


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