November 29th

As some of you may know, I have the most handsome and precious 2 year old nephew.


He’s a little bigger than this now, but I just love this photo.

He may not understand who I am in relation to him and his parents right now, but I love that I have the privilege of being his aunt. And now, I have the honor of being an aunt again! My oldest sister (and this sweet boy’s mom) is expecting her 2nd baby! Which leads me to my thankful topic for the day; I am thankful that I am an aunt.

I am so excited about baby number 2 and can’t wait until he or she graces us with his or her presence! And I will be this excited about each and every future niece and nephew because I find it such a honor to be an aunt. I love getting to wear that badge and carry that title, and I hope that my nephews and nieces will grow up thinking I’m a fun, loving, and caring aunt, because that is what I strive to be. I am thankful that I am an aunt. And Congratulations to my big sister on her 2nd baby; she is a wonderful mom to her little boy and this new baby will have nothing less than the best care. These are some lucky kids.


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