November 28th

I’ve sort of said it before, but I’m going to say it again. I am thankful for telephones. And more specifically cell phones. And even more specifically, smart phones. But really just the concept of the telephone is amazing if you really think about it. When I pick up my phone, I am only 10 digits away from talking to someone who could be across the county! I mean… Alexander Graham Bell was a genius.

I know this is all pretty silly, but just think about how much you use your phone it a day. Even if I am not calling someone, I send text messages or use one (or several) of the apps on my phone to check on something. I might use my phone a lot, but I do have to ability to separate myself from it and I try to as often as I can. But it’s a great thing to have because of how easily I can stay in contact with people near and far. Whether I need to send my husband a quick message while he’s at school, call my mom to tell her about my week, send a message to make plans with a new friend, or call a friend who I haven’t talked to in 6 months, I’m glad that I have a phone to help me do it. So, as materialist as it may seem, I am thankful for my phone because it keeps me connected to those I love.


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