November 22nd & 23rd

Yesterday for Thanksgiving my husband and I spent the day eating, sharing funny stories and holiday traditions, and playing games with friends. We had such a fun and relaxing Thanksgiving, especially since the dress code was sweatpants and t shirts! Which by the way, was the best idea ever. Dinner was at 3:00 and everyone ended up staying until just past 11:00! Granted we may not have fully been there that last hour because we were all so tired, but it was just a lovely Thanksgiving. This was our first Thanksgiving married, and my first Thanksgiving away from family, and given the circumstances, I wouldn’t have spent it any other way.

So I guess I have to make this a catch up post again, since I missed yesterday. First off, I am thankful that C and I moved here. I was pretty scared to move to Ohio for many reason! I have never lived this far from where I grew up, and in fact have never lived outside of Oklahoma. It was really scary moving someplace where neither of us had ever been, and not knowing anyone or what the area was going to like. It’s still hard being this far from family, but sitting at dinner last night, laughing with our new friends, sharing a wonderful holiday meal together, I realized that we were in the exact place that we were supposed to be. I have just felt so blessed by everything that has happened since we have moved here and it gives me an astounding validation that God knew what he was doing when he put us in Ohio. Shoot, he knew what he was doing when he sent me my husband because I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for his being placed here! It’s funny how He has this bigger plan that we can’t see. I get anxious sometimes because I can’t see His whole plan, so I love those moments where God tells me, “See, I know what I’m doing, so keep trusting me.” So I am thankful that this was our first base to move to, because it has been wonderful.

I am also thankful for my husband’s parents. I have mentioned all of my family, but I have not yet wrote about how thankful I am to have a second set of parents. Since C and I started dating back in high school, his family has always been so nice to me and accepted me from the get go. We had the opportunity to Skype with my husband’s family yesterday, and it was nice to get to see everyone and talk to them. My in-laws raised 3 wonderful children, and I am very thankful for how they raised my hardworking, loving, caring, respectable, Godly, and handsome husband. They have done so many great things for us before and since we have been married, including giving us the incredibly generous gift of plane tickets to get home for Christmas, for which I am extremely grateful! So along with being thankful for my family, I am thankful for my husband’s family. And thankful that I can now call them my family as well.

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving. Cheers.


One thought on “November 22nd & 23rd

  1. wmwow says:

    My incredibly talented Daughter-in-law makes me blush. You K, are the greatest! The bonus is that you truely love my son. No mom on earth could ask for better than that.

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