November 17th

Pinterest. I know, I know… this one is silly but if you follow me on Pinterest and know just how many “pins” I have on my “boards,” you should have expected this one to come up sooner or later. I am thankful for Pinterest. The creator of the website is a genius. I mean really. I love Pinterest! With the help of Pinterest, I planned my wedding, plan our weekly meal menu, decorated my home, found some incredibly good desserts, discovered what I want dream home to look like, find inspiration for artsy and crafty projects, learned new ways to wear my hair and paint my fingernails, found new workout routines and healthy eating habits, and “aawwww” at precious animals!

I feel like there is just something for everyone on that glorified website and I turn to it for some of life’s most difficult questions. I pinned a pattern to make your own stockings and few weeks ago, and I made two this weekend for us. The pattern and step by step instructions from the blogger were so helpful! And let me just say, they. turned. out. fabulously. I am going to make one for our kitty too (don’t judge me), and then I will post them and the link to the pattern, because I am just so excited that I made my own stockings! Once I finished I ran into the living room jumping up and down to show my husband, who then proceeded to give me several high fives and pretend to be as excited as me. And I couldn’t have made them if it wasn’t for the pattern that I found through Pinterest. Well… I probably could have found a pattern by googling or made my own pattern or asked one the women in my family for help, but that’s not the point. The point is, I love Pinterest and I am thankful that is was invented, so I can waste hours upon end scrolling through the pages of pictures that looked interesting enough to pin.


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