November 16th

Today, I’m thankful for my education. And not just my college education, but all of it from preschool on up! I had some of the best teachers growing up from whom I learned so much. Growing up in a small town, the schools were small, and while everything about our public school system wasn’t perfect, nothing ever is. I just really appreciate the education I was able to receive and the teachers who helped me out along the way. I was never afraid to ask questions and quite frankly my teachers probably got tired of me softly walking up the their desks to ask them yet another question! (Sometimes it took me a few times to get certain concepts to really stick.) I don’t even know if I could name my very favorite teacher because I had so many! But one who is at the top of the list is my high school art teacher. She helped me realize just how much I loved art, and she is a lot of the reason why I majored in art in college.

The university that I attended was very small, which I loved. I think I would have been incredibly overwhelmed at a large state school. The student to teacher ratio was said to be 15 to 1. The classes were small and intimate, and I wasn’t afraid to ask for help from my professors. And I absolutely adored the art program. We were just two little building at the edge of campus that hardly anyone knew  even existed, but we knew we were there. The program consists of 3 art professors (one of which was an adjunct) and 1 graphic design professor. I could have had the same professor 2 or 3 times a day, and I loved it. I really got to know them, and they really got to know me and my style of work, as well as all of the other art majors and their styles of work! I had some amazing professors and I will always be thankful for them. I liked my university, but I love my professors. And while I’m mentioning my professors I have to mention my boss at the media center where I worked. I love her as dearly as my professors. She was like my 2nd mom, I told her everything and she never minded listening to me vent. And the kicker is… she’s married to one of my art professors! So, like I said.. small, intimate school setting where you know everyone and everyone knows you. I believe that I have received a wonderful education and for that, I will always be thankful.

Two of my lovely art professors at Graduation.


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