November 14th

I think that a pet one of those things that you need, but you often don’t realize it, until you have one. Such is the case with out little baby kitty.


This is how big she was the day we found her. I know what you are thinking… permanent presh-maker, right?! She’s so yittle! Unfortunately she hasn’t stayed this size, but she is still just a little baby. When we got married, C and I knew that we wanted pets, probably a dog and cat, but we just thought we should wait for a while. Well, one day when we were about to go out for a run, a girl around our age, walked up to us with this tiny black kitty in her hand and asked if we wanted a cat. Well, it turns out, we did! So we were quick to answer yes and our family became this little baby’s home. I am thankful for our kitty, Gabby.

It’s just so nice to have another living thing in the house, who loves you and wants you to be there. She follows us around, greets us at the door when we come home, shows off with her tricks in the evening, climbs up my leg and onto my shoulder to sit while I’m weaving, keeps C company while he is doing homework, sleeps on my pillow at night, and bites my nose in the morning when she is ready to get up! Which is usually at 5:41 am. Very consist, this one… She has a ton of energy and very sharp teeth, so needless to say, our hands have had scratch marks since we got her! But we recently bought her a little stuffed monkey to give our hands a break. It’s been a week since I bought it, and the monkey already has a rip down its back!

One of her favorite activities is looking out the window. She loves to sit and watch the leaves rustle and the birds fly around.


This is how big she is now. And after a couple of visits to the vet, she is very healthy! We just adore her, and I couldn’t imagine life without her now. So, I am thankful for our little baby kitty, Gabby.


2 thoughts on “November 14th

  1. MAggie says:

    Dear Friend –
    You are officially a trendy blogger girl. Your latest post just popped up on my facebook, so naturally I spent the next 45 minutes familiarizing myself with all the secrets of your life from the last few months. (Confession: I might have been doing a little homework avoidance…) So lovely to know that you are having such a lovely life!
    Miss your face!

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