November 13th

As I have just started a new weaving today, I am reminded how thankful I am for my loom and my ability to weave. To be quite honest, I didn’t know what I wanted to do when the time came to declare my major and sign up for freshman classes. I chose art because it was something that I have loved for as long as I can remember. In my mind, I would major in art because I enjoyed it, and if, through the course of my college career, I had a revelation of something else that I should do, I would change my major and pursue another field. Stepping into my first art class, I knew that I was right were I was supposed to be, in a classroom full of artsy people with an artsy professor standing at the front of the room instructing us on how to refine our talents.

When it came time to start taking electives, or studio art classes, Fibers was one of my first, as I was so interested in finding out how those big wooden contraptions that would clack for 3 hours every other day worked! Up until the day that we started our first projects, I still was completely in awe of how weaving was supposed to work. And once I started dressing the loom with wool fiber, all of the pieces started to fall into place. Weaving is so meticulous and tedious; being OCD can really help you out in this form of art. I found my calling!

It’s seems weird to me that I only took two semesters of Fibers, and now I have a loom, and I’m working on starting my own business from the weavings I produce! I think I was just incredibly inspired in my Fibers class by my professor and her confidence in me (minus my math skills). I can’t believe that only about 7 or 8 months after I graduated, I found this wonderful loom. It just seems like it all worked out so well because this is what I am supposed to do. So hopefully, this will become my career. I am just so thankful for my professor who taught me how to weave and encouraged me to buy a loom, my mom who promised to purchase me a used, reasonably priced loom as my graduation present, and my husband who is behind me in my business endeavors. And I’m also thankful for everyone who has supported me thus far. So today, I am thankful that I have a loom and I know what to do with it. I just hope that it takes me where I want to go.


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