November 12th

Today, I’m thankful for sleep. I have always firmly believed in getting a good 8 hours of sleep every night and I don’t think that I have ever “pulled an all nighter” on purpose. And I will be the first to admit that if I don’t get all the sleep that I need, I can be very grumpy. I’m sure that there are several people who would agree with that statement, too! There is rarely an evening that I see 11 pm, weekends included! I just love the feeling of being well rested. I can always be much more productive and in a better mood if I have gotten a full night of sleep. Last night, I slept very well, and was even able to sleep in a little bit because my husband did not have to get up early for school. Other nights I am not so fortunate, laying in bed for up to an hour or more before I fall asleep or waking up every couple of hours tossing and turning. But no matter how I sleep, I am always thankful for the fact that sleep exists so that our bodies can have some time during the hustle of the day to shut down and recuperate.


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