November 10th

My thankful post from a couple of days ago was about new friends. Today, having just gotten off the phone with my best friend, whom I met in college, I am thankful for lasting friends.[Not to say that my new friends won’t last, that is terrible to think and I am confident that those relationships will be lasting ones as well.] I don’t want to say “old friends” because the best of my friends were met while I was in college, which was not that long ago for me.

I was very shy my freshman year in college, and lets face it, I still haven’t gotten over that, but maybe one day I will. But probably not. And I was just comfortable being friends with my roommate and never felt it necessary to venture too far out of that comfort zone. Which was great because we had some wonderful times together, and I will always be grateful for my sweet freshman roommate. Unfortunately she transferred the next year (I have seen her since and she sang in my wedding, so she is definitely included in this post), and I started rooming with a girl who lived next door to me in my freshman dorm. I was a little apprehensive about it just because I knew that she was very fun and outgoing and I was afraid that we wouldn’t get along very well because I was/am a self diagnosed hermit. As it turned out, we were soul mates. She pushed me (in the nicest way possible because she wouldn’t hurt a fly) get out  and do stuff with her friends. Immediately I was accepted into her friend group, and eventually felt comfortable enough to call it my own group. I met the most wonderful and caring friends in college, and I will cherish those relationships forever.

I am so thankful that my best friend and I still keep in touch. (I was terrible about that with my high school friends.) We talk on the phone as often as we can and we always have the best conversations, catching up and sharing our current lives with each other. I don’t talk to everyone else as much as I should, but we all still keep in touch in our own ways and I love that. I am very thankful for my besties–you know who you are. They will always be in my heart and I am so grateful that they are a part of my life.


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