November 7th

I am so thankful for my parents.

I am a married, college graduate, living 1,040 miles from where I grew up, paying my own bills, making my own money, and taking care of my own family. But it’s amazing how much I still need my parents to take care of me. They are amazing people who have been through so many trials in life yet they are still both incredibly strong individuals. They provided a wonderful home–and by that I don’t just mean the house we lived in–for my sisters and me while we were growing up, and I am who I am because of how they raised me. They have always supported me, in all of my decisions, and helped me to get to where I am today. While I might not always live near my parents, I know that I will always be close to them. They are the best parents I could have ever asked for and I love them to pieces. I am honored to call myself their daughter. Thanks Mom and Dad for being Mom and Dad.



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