November 5th

Today, my thankfulness comes from watching ABC’s The Chew, which is one of my favorite TV shows. And yes, it is a daytime television talk show, but “so what, who cares?” Today’s episode, which is titled “Thanks Giving Back” has inspired me to be thankful for communities. I was not directly effected by Hurricane Sandy, and have never really been through a major crisis like the one that is happening now on the East Coast, but millions were. On The Chew, other news programs, and through internet articles and videos, I have seen how much communities really step up to help each other out. I don’t even think I can fathom the loss the people have experienced from this hurricane, and I am thankful that there are communities, food banks, The Red Cross, and so so many more volunteers and organizations that come to the help of those who are in need. And where there are communities that physically can’t do anything to help, there is always the power of prayer. It’s so easy to become self-dependant and not ask for anything from anyone. But it’s times like these that we realized that we really do need the people around us, and I am thankful for that sense of community.

And, just to clarify, this is in no way, shape, or form a post about being thankful for devastation, like Hurricane Sandy. A crisis like this is not a positive thing. It is thankfulness for the help that those affected have received.


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