November 4th

When my husband and I first moved here, finding a church family was one of our priorities. We probably visited churches in the area for two months before we decided on one. The two of us come from different denominational backgrounds, which was a little bit of a challenge in searching for a church, but we both decided about a month in that the most important thing was not how the church worshipped, but that what was being taught was heavily rooted in and backed up by scripture. We started to focus less on the denomination and more on the message and that is how we found the church we have been attending for about 3 months now.

We kind of happened on this church by accident, but I’m so glad that we did, because today I am thankful for our church. I just don’t know if I can fully express how much I have felt at home in this body of believers. We just got back from our small group that meets every Sunday night and I just feel incredibly energized and renewed! There are some amazing and wonderful things happening in this church and I am so glad that C and I are a part of it. This church body is continually growing and they are about to start expanding their building, which is a huge step that they are taking with so much prayer and preparation. I can tell that God is really at work in this church, and it’s wonderful to see it all unfolding.

Not only do I love attending the worship service on Sunday morning, we started attending a small group a few weeks ago, and it has been a very good addition to our lives. C and I had wanted to start going to a small group, but just were not sure which one to check out, until some friends of ours invited us to this particular group. I love the time of fellowship we have together over a pot luck dinner that leads into our study of the book of Ephesians. Everyone in the group is incredibly nice and caring; I’m so happy to know them and I look forward to getting to know everyone better as the study progresses.

I am just very thankful that God put this church in our path, and I know that we will cherish the time that we get to be a part of this growing body of believers.


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