November 3rd

Today I am thankful for Fall.

I love this season for so many reasons, and that was cheesy because it rhymed.


But I’ll give you a few of the reasons why I love Fall. It starts in September, which is my favorite month of the year. The leaves change to the most beautiful colors, completely changing the look of the landscape. Not that I don’t love green leaves and grass, but the fact that the leaves turn to warm yellows, oranges, and reds, for just a short fleeting moment in time each year makes me incredibly happy! And I am reminded that it is our Creator who came up with that idea. The temperature starts to cool off and I’ve learned from moving to Ohio that apparently in some parts of the United States it actually rains! And I love cloudy and rainy weather. With the cooler temperatures, we have not turned on our air conditioner in over a month, and have not yet turned on our heater. Which might sound a little crazy considering that it gets down to the 30s at night here, but our electric bill for this month was 2/3 the amount that is was during the summer! So Fall equals saving energy for us! And for my final reason, warmer clothes. Boots, cardigans, long sleeve shirts. I so much prefer those things to shorts and tank tops!

So I am thankful for this season, as it just makes me joyful! I hope that you all have enjoyed this Fall as much as I have.



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