November 2nd

This is going to be an odd one.. but today I am thankful for The Oklahoma City Thunder.

I told you.. you all probably think I am weird for adding that to my thankful list, but I have really good reasoning!

When the artistic, athletically challenged band nerd marries the incredibly intelligent star of the Basketball and Football team… well lets just say I guess that proves the law that opposites attract. Don’t get me wrong, my husband and I have a lot in common, but we also… don’t have several things in common. One of them being sports. I never really cared too much about sports. Sure I would cheer on our high school teams, but never really thought too much about it until I started dating my husband, then I proceeded to go to all of his games home and away and even became one the “managers” for the basketball team, so I could REALLY be at all the games! A little extreme I know, but I really liked him and he looked so cute in his basketball uniform! So now I am a sports fan by marriage. I like watching sports, but a lot of times I don’t really care one way or the other who wins. Unless its the Oklahoma City Thunder!

C and I have been to several Thunder games together and have so much fun rooting for our team. Thunder basketball has given me one more thing to have in common with my husband. And really, The Oklahoma City Thunder has brought the whole state of Oklahoma together! I really believe that. I think that bringing an NBA team to Oklahoma has been an incredible thing, and it has made Oklahoma that much more “OK!”

So again, I know it’s a silly thing to be thankful for, but they are such a down to earth team that deserves to be backed up, and I’m glad that my husband and I can be a part it!

On a side note, I made this banner to go over our fireplace last night to remind us to be thankful in this present season.

Just thought I would share. It’s nothing special and the bows are a little tacky, but I had some free time and all the materials. It was one of those projects where, I should have been weaving, but I was kind of creatively in a rut with that, so I decided to do something else to fill my crafty and creative void.



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