November 1st

Over the summer, my sisters and I did a Bible study together via Google+ hangout (which is a video chat just like Skype but you can chat with multiple people at the same time). The bible study was Kelly Minter’s study of Nehemiah lead by Beth Moore from her blog Living Proof Ministries. Beth Moore posted videos every two weeks on the blog to lead the study groups through the Nehemiah study. It’s part of a “Summer Siesta” series that she does with her readers. You just sign up on the blog and buy your own books and form your own groups. The Bible study has daily readings that each person does on their own, then every other week you report back to the blog for discussion questions, then meet with your group to go over the past 2 weeks! It sounds a little complicated, but It was quite wonderful how it all worked out. It gave my sisters and I a chance to do a bible study together while we all live in different states! I guess I should be thankful for technology in this post as well, but maybe that will come on another day.

Today, I am thankful for this new (actually it’s older than the Nehemiah one, but new to us) Kelly Minter bible study of Ruth. Beth Moore did this study of Ruth the same way she did Nehemiah maybe 2 summers ago? And my oldest sister found the videos that went with the study in the Living Proof Ministry Blog Archives. Since we all loved the Nehemiah one so much, we thought we would go back and pick up the Ruth study. I am only 4 days into the study, but each daily reading is incredibly eye opening. Kelly Minter has a way of getting the most meaning out of every verse, it’s just lovely. And the fact that I get to go through it with my sisters is just wonderful. Being close to 1,000 miles away from both of them has been very hard for me, and I love knowing that we are all reading and studying the same book of the Bible and that every two weeks we get to “meet” for our group discussion. Not that a Bible study is the only thing that can bring us together, but it’s nice that it can even when we live in different states. I honestly have never read the book of Ruth and I am so excited to read and study it with my beautiful sisters!


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