Well, it’s been a couple of weeks so I thought I would update you folks on how we are doing in the weaving and weather home.

I have been weaving away and C has been studying like crazy. It’s getting to the point in the quarter where he is getting more and more homework and the tests are working their way into the weekly routine. Something that is nice though, he is done with classes by noon. So he comes home and eats lunch with me and does homework here until dinner, and depending on how much he has to do he will either continue his work or spend the evening on the couch with me flipping back and forth between Food Network and ESPN.

I just finished up two more scarves this morning and have started in on the next two. I have decided not to showcase any of the scarves that I have made to order out of respect for my customers. Although I obviously wouldn’t give any names with the scarves, I just would hate to even remotely ruin the surprise. But, I might, being that it is cleared with the customer, post photos of the scarves after Christmas for some advertising. Anyways, so far I have loved making these scarves. It is a little bit of a challenge to find the exact colors and patterns that I feel would best fit each individual, but I really enjoy every step of the process.

C was caught up on his homework this weekend and we had a little free time on Sunday afternoon, so we decided to carve pumpkins! Now we didn’t actually make jack-o-lanterns… we just carved on the outside of the pumpkin because number 1, it was much less messy and number 2, they should last longer this way. Watching college football on saturday, we saw the logos of some teams carved into pumpkins and we kind of took that idea and ran with it. So of course, C carved the Green Bay Packers logo and I carved the Oklahoma City Thunder logo. And before I show you the picture… just know, that this was quite a challenge and we did the best that we could!

I think C won… but in my defense, the logo I traced was a little too small. I should have made it a bit bigger so I wouldn’t have had to do such small carves. But I feel like we gave it 110%. And yes, we did trace the logo on paper then trace it onto the pumpkin for guidelines, but that’s only fair. I may have Bachelors in Art, but I don’t think that gives me the merit to free hand carve a complicated logo in a pumpkin! Gabby had fun playing with the pumpkins too.

And now here they sit at our door. This will probably help the neighbors match up our vehicles to which apartment they go with. Maybe not. Maybe no one else thinks about that kind of stuff but me.

As we are making our way towards the holiday of  Thanks, I want to challenge myself to post something that I am thankful for everyday in November. I read several blogs last year that did this and I think it’s a great way to stay positive, gracious, and humble during the Holidays. I am also trying to think of something that C and I can do on Thanksgiving, or leading up to it, to remind ourselves of how blessed we are. It’s so easy to get down on yourself when you are busy and stressed out and things don’t always go your way. And when that happens you forget about all the good things you have. Well I know it’s not officially November yet, but to kick off my everyday thankful posts, I am thankful for my new little family. My husband of 5 months and my little kitty of 2 months bring me more joy than I can fully express. I don’t know what I would do without my husband, he’s the bee’s knees. And as for Gabby, she can bite really hard… but she’s precious when she’s sleeping! I love these two and I am incredibly thankful that the 3 of us make up this little family.


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