A Good Start.


I am taking a moment away from my ventures to be an independent artist to: 1. Rest my back and neck. And 2. Update the 3 readers I have on my most recent project, even though they have probably already seen it!

I made my first scarf of the year last week. I recently ordered some brand new fiber to get me through the holidays. I had intended on just getting to work and weaving away to start listing things on Etsy as soon as possible. But then, someone gave me the idea to put myself out there and take a few orders for Christmas gifts! So I started off by making a scarf to give myself something to advertise from, since sadly I do not actually own a scarf that I have made. And this is what I came up with.


As you can see, my warp threads or the vertical running threads are maroon, navy blue, and mint green. They are in no particular pattern, but more like randomly dispersed through the width of the scarf. The weft or horizontally running threads, the threads I used to weave in and out of the warp, are ivory and bronze or light brown. I used one pattern throughout the whole scarf that I had never used before but I thought would look really lovely for this scarf. And I love how it turned out! The combination of the pattern with the colors just makes me think about skiing in New Mexico. Not that I would wear this delicate bamboo scarf while surfing the slopes… but I would wear it curled up by a fire with a cup of coffee in a log cabin or at the Lorna Dune for that matter! [ I dedicate that line to my family and the fine time that the 10 of us had snuggled up together in that one room at the good ‘ol Lorna. ]


My scarves are completely and totally, 100% handmade, right down to tying and trimming the fringe. I do not, however, spin the fiber into yarn or thread. I’ll leave that to the pros, and just order it from them! These scarves are made of 100% bamboo, and it is very thin. Width wise, there are 20 threads per inch. The fiber is naturally antibacterial. It is incredibly soft, drapes like a dream, and is light weight, but I make the scarves a foot wide so that you have enough bulk to keep you warm in the winter!

So now that I had my new scarf made, I tried to take some Etsy worthy photos and post them up on facebook with a little ditty, advertising that I was open for business. I was, and am still, shocked that the responses I got! I thought that I would be lucky to have only a couple of people who were interested, but I have a great list of orders that will keep me going until we head home for Christmas. And this first scarf is already called for as well! I am excited about getting to work on all my orders. I love being able to have a person in mind while I am weaving. That way I can try to think of what they would really like, trying to match colors and patterns with personalities. I know that later on when I am not so much doing custom orders I won’t be able to do that as much, but I can still imagine the different types people that my scarves may go to.

I don’t think that my Etsy shop will open this year… but I hope that after I sell this first batch I can order much more fiber and get to work on building an inventory. I know that is taking a little bit of a gamble, because I don’t know how well my shop is going to do. But the only way I know is if I put myself out there. And I cannot thank my supporters enough! I have felt so loved with all the wonderful comments that I received! So I hope that everyone enjoys what I have made for them, knowing that they are supporting me in what I truly love to do.



3 thoughts on “A Good Start.

  1. wmwow says:

    Bravo!!! Always looking forward to the next chapter in your blog. Your work is wonderful and I hope you receive many thoughtful orders for your handmade art work.

  2. Mary Braley says:

    Well you may add another reader to that growing list! What a beautiful scarf. I am completely speachless at the talent you possess. You are quite the amazing person! So glad to be able to keep up with you!! :)

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