The Little Joys of Running

Well, we are officially p90x graduates! Sorta. Since my husband’s first day of school we have been working out way through Tony Horton’s p90x workout program. We were pretty motivated that first month and did really well, but as the months went on Tony and his buddies seemed to get more and more annoying… We kept going for the sake of finishing the program but skipped a couple day and occasionally fast forwarded through the exercises that we didn’t want to do! So we cheated a little bit, but we are done and very happy about it!

So we decided that September would be running month. We are going to run every day in September (and yes we did start on September 1st) except Sundays, because we need a recovery day. Or mostly I need a recovery day and I won that argument so we are taking Sundays off! September 1st was a Saturday, and so we slept in a little, which means 7:30 a.m. in the Weaving and Weather home… and headed out the gate to get going.

We stopped just outside the gate at our apartment to stretch and saw a girl about our age walking her little dog. Then we realized that she was approaching us and trying to get our attention. As she walked closer, she spoke up and gingerly asked, “Hey, umm.. do you guys want a baby kitty?” Then we spotted the yittle bitty black kitten that she was holding with one hand up close to her chest and instantly Ooo-ed and Ahh-ed. The girl told us that this adorable tiny baby just ran across the street crying and there was no mom or owner in sight. She said that she already had a cat and a dog and that she knew her husband wouldn’t let her keep this little baby. C and I looked at each other and the kitty, and after standing there without words for a a few seconds, I took the kitty in my hands and asked him if he wanted a kitten. Without hesitation, he said yes. I would have taken her without question, but I just wanted to make sure that we were on the same page and I’m so glad that we were! So now we have this precious yittle baby kitty. Meet Gabby!

The above photo was taken with my phone when she was sitting with me yesterday. I tried to take some more with my camera this morning, but trying to capture a still of a curious little baby kitty is a little difficult. But I got some shots of her playing with her homemade toy that we tied to a cabinet so she could entertain herself while we are not home.

Then she got over over toy and decided to take a nap..

She’s so cute and we instantly have fallen in love with her! And I think Gabby enjoys having people as much as we have enjoyed having her. So on the first day of September we thought we were just going for a run, but instead we became cat owners. She has been great entertainment and company for us and we are glad to welcome her into our little family.


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