Latest Bag.

This purse is my latest weaving. I finished it on Monday but wanted to wait until it’s owner received it until I posted it. After I finished my first bag, my Mother-In-Law asked if I could make a purse with a long strap for her. And as her birthday was coming up (on the same day as my grandpa’s birthday!) I decided I would put it into production and send it to her without telling her I had started on it. So it was half surprise, half commissioned.

I very much enjoyed making this bag, as I knew it would go to a great owner and it was a new challenge for me to tackle. I worked out a few kinks from the last bag, but still learned some things from this one. Previously, in college, I made a bag for my first project that was very similar to this, but the strap of the bag was made out of twisted fiber. We actually used a ConAir hair twister, which was an ingenious find by my professor! I do not have, nor did I really want to try to find one. So I considered several different options for the strap: hand twisting or braiding it, actually weaving a separate strap, or purchasing some kind of leather strap or belt to attach to the woven purse. I decided to go with weaving the strap. Which was an interesting experience but I’m glad that I did it. See, I thought that the strap would draw in on the loom in width a little bit, like everything else does, but it did not. I’m guessing that is because it was so thin to begin with. It went really quickly to weave it, but the first strap was just way too wide for the size of this bag, so after several tries and fails at altering said strap, I just made a new one that was thinner, which worked out sooooo much better and I was much happier sending it out to a customer. I would hate to have my name on something as bad as that first strap was, so I’m glad I decided to remake it.

[I should really get out my camera and stop taking these photos with my iphone…]

The bag is made out of avocado green and cream cotton fiber. it measure to be about 13 in. long x 11 1/2 in. wide with a 48 in. strap. There are two interior pockets; one portrait style designed to fit a cell phone, and the other landscape for chapstick, gum, fingernail clippers, etc.

The bag can be snapped closed at the top and there are decorative buttons on the outside. And the lining is of course is my signature ugly floral because that is what I love. So, I hope my customers will as well!

So, that is bag number 2! And I wove on some extra at the end of this bag to make another bag that I will talk about later on after I decide what kind of strap to put on it! I was just going to make a little clutch, but it ended up being a little too big for that in my opinion, so it will be a small purse.

With a Happy Birthday to my Mother-In-Law and my Grandpa, and a Happy Last Day of Regular Classes in the Summer Term to my husband, I hope everyone has a great weekend and last day of August. Cheers.


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