Ladies and Gentlemen, this weaver has found her instrument and is ready to compose.

I feel so fortunate to have found such a beautiful loom that was so close to us. I searched for several days on Craig’s List in the surrounding cities and found more than I expected too, but most were either too small, too big, or above my price range. Until I found this Nilus-Leclerc Artisat IV in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I emailed the gentleman selling the loom back and forth for a couple of weeks getting better details of the condition and more photos of the loom. The man who sold it was so nice through the whole process and was confident that I would be a good home for the loom, so he even lowered his original selling price by $200. After we settled on a price, my wonderful husband, who worked hard all week to get ahead on homework so that he could free up his Saturday, took me to Michigan for the day to pick up my loom.

I still am a little bit in shock of how well it all worked out. It really feels like God had his hand in this one for how seamless the situation played out. I mean right down to how perfectly it fit into the back of my husband’s truck! I know that sounds silly, but it all just felt really good, which gives me some affirmation that weaving is my craft.

The loom had been sitting in a barn for 2 years and previous to that, not used for about 3 or 4 years, so as you can imagine it had a little dust on it. Yesterday I took the time to really clean it up. I carefully dusted all the wood and scrubbed the metal pieces to restore them to as close to their original condition as I could. I also washed the canvas clothes on the warping beams as they were a bit dirty and stained. Some might think that it would be a pain to work on something like this, yet I actually took a great amount of joy in cleaning up the loom. It made me feel even more like it was mine. That I could clean it up and tighten the bolts and screws was like the initiation of the loom into my life and home. Again, I know it sounds silly, but the fact that this loom could lead me into my dream career makes me incredibly excited and I want my instrument to be in top condition.

I still have a few things that I need to get before I can start working, such as a warping board, shuttles, and some new fibers. But be looking for the beginnings of projects in the comings weeks. And I need to thank my wonderful mother for investing in my dream. She promised on my graduation day that her gift to me would be a loom, and she doesn’t go back on promises. Thanks, Mom.


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