Peanut Butter and Hunny

One of my favorite things is a piece of toast with crunchy peanut butter and spun honey spread over the top. If you put the peanut butter on the toast right after you take it out of the taster is melts a little bit, then add the honey and kind of mix it in together with your knife. Ahhh, toasty, peanut buttery, honey-ey bliss! And it has to be spun honey, runny honey just isn’t the same. I know. I’ve tried it. What is spun honey, you might ask? Well… it’s honey that has been spun! I’m actually not sure how it’s made, I’m not an expert, but the special thing about it is that it’s spreadable and thicker than regular honey. And I think you can only get it at the grocery store in my hometown.

So if you want some give me your order and mailing address and I’ll have my parents send you some.

Just kidding.

But really… we could probably make it happen.

My dad was on the ball and bought 4 little tubs of it for us to bring to Ohio. We are more than halfway through the first one and we have been here for a month.. so I don’t think our stock is going to last us for 2 years!

I don’t really know why or how my family got started on this, but I have always enjoyed a good piece of toast with crunchy peanut butter and spun honey on it. We all do, and now I’ve got my husband hooked as well. Any time we have had rolls, biscuits, bagels or toast (we really like bread) we get the spun honey out. It’s probably an unhealthy addiction but at least we aren’t just eating straight sugar on our toast! It’s kind of a comfort food for me, and it’s a good meal or snack any time of day!


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