Settling In

Well, after signing the lease on our apartment 2 weeks ago, having our furniture and belongings delivered to us a week later, and spending the past week unpacking, setting things up and organizing, my wonderful husband and I are finally starting to get settled in to our new life. It seems like it has taken forever with everything that has happened in the past month, but we are here. I really like our apartment. It is in a nice neighborhood and it is the perfect size for us.

My husband started his classes for the first term of graduate school last Monday. While he is at school, I have been decorating the apartment to make it feel like home. We may only be here for a short time, but I was given a piece of advice by a woman who moved around a lot growing up; she said to always unpack everything and set it up like you plan to live there for the rest of your life. I agree with her advice. It just make things more comfortable and comforting, especially being far from family. I want to start working on some DIY project that I have been saving up, and I am in the process of looking for my very own weaver’s loom. I have missed weaving so much, and I cannot wait to get back into it. One thing that I have really loved doing this week though, is cooking dinner each night! It is such a small and simple thing, but cooking is very comforting to me. Setting up my kitchen was the first thing I did as we were unpacking! I love to cook and I am anxious to try some recipes that I have been hoarding on my food board and dessert board on Pinterest!

Last Monday was not only my husband’s first day of school, but it also marked the 1 month anniversary of our marriage! On one hand, it seems like we have been married for 10 years, but on the other it seems like our wedding was just last Friday. I think that is a positive thing! It’s as though marriage is still new and exciting, but we are already comfortable with each other. I love taking of him and I hope that he would say the same about me. We make a good team, and I couldn’t be happier. It has been hard to be away from our family and friends, but at least we have each other. (I know that is like the most cliche thing that I could ever say, but it’s totally true!)

And now for the really exciting part of this post, we got out wedding video and photos this past week so I wanted to give you a little preview! I absolutely loved our photographer and videographer. They were both so amazing and I couldn’t have chosen two more wonderful guys to capture our special day. Actually I should give the credit of that decision to my beautiful sister who used both guys in her wedding 8 months before mine. Our photographer was Justin Battenfield of Justin Battenfield Photography and our videographer was Jared Keester of Carpe Diem Video Production. Two great guys and they worked excellently together and if you are in the Oklahoma area and getting married you should look into them.


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