Road Trip

Life will take you to some interesting places and on some wonderful adventures. My husband is in the air force and was accepted into a graduate school program. We are from a little town in Oklahoma, and this past January we found out that we would be moving to Ohio. Since then, time has moved incredibly fast, and it still has yet to slow down. At the end of May, my husband graduated, then two days later we got married! After that we had a week long honeymoon, went back home for a week and packed and then last week, my wonderful parents, husband, and I set out for the 18 hour road trip from Oklahoma to Ohio.

We took two days to drive our two vehicles 1,040 miles. With one overnight stay at my aunt and uncle’s home, 7 total stops, 5 tanks of gas, and two fast food meals in the car in one day, we passed through 6 states. It was quite the journey, and it was so much fun to see the great cities that we went through to get there. There were so many neat things to see as we passed through. When we weren’t going through a city, the land was very beautiful to see. There were millions of trees and they just seemed to get taller the further east we traveled. And where the trees were not right next to the interstate, there were acres ands acres of corn fields. We also saw several huge rivers, which are very few and far between in the land where we came from. The road trip was extremely exhausting, but it was wonderful to see all the amazing sights and to marvel in God’s beautiful creation and man’s interesting structures.

Here are a few photos that I took from the passenger seat as we were traveling through.

The Start of Day Two in Kansas

A Bridge in Kansas City

St. Louis Arch

Indianapolis Skyline


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