“It’s gettin’ pretty close, huh?”

Yes. The big day is drawing nearer! Tomorrow marks 6 weeks until my air force officer and I tie the knot.

Some days I feel pretty overwhelmed with the amount of planning I have to do, and how much I am behind on; yet, other days, I feel like everything is coming together just perfectly! I have to say.. and I’m sure that my family could attest to this, the days when things come together are better days for everyone. So I need to publicly apologize to anyone and everyone if I have stepped on your toes or seemed disinterested in other things that do not have the word “wedding” in them. I tend to be on the more OCD side of things when it comes to planning and I just want to get it all right. I am really ready to relieve myself and everyone else of the stress that this wedding may have caused. Do not get me wrong. I love planning, and I have love love loved planning my wedding! I think I am just to the point where I am so ready to just be married that if anything else went wrong, then I may care a little less now than what I would have cared about 4 months ago.

I really could not have done anything without the help and support from my family and friends though. I have such a wonderful support system, and I will definitely miss them every hour of every day when my husband and I move to Ohio.


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